EAHP 2024 Let's meet at EAHP 2024! View It is the 2nd largest in the world in its field. We are participating in the European Congress of Hospital Pharmacists (28th EAHP). We will be very happy to see you at our booth! EAHP 2024 Kapsam EAHP 2024 Kapsam Welcome! Who are we? Since 2008, we combine customer feedback with our cutting-edge technology to ensure clinical efficiency, patient & practitioner safety, and also environmental sustainability for healthcare facilities. Kapsam Kapsam NutriMix Proven Technology with
Outstanding New Features
Check Out Now The KS-240, with its superior technology, helps accelerate your high-risk TPN preparation process and ensures maximum patient safety by eliminating human errors. NutriMix Otomatik TPN Karışım Hazırlama Sistemi Kapsam NutriMix Otomatik TPN Karışım Hazırlama Sistemi KS-240
Kapsam Touching Lives on The Edge We are dedicated to help you provide best care to your highly critical patients such as premature babies and IV chemotherapy receivers. Sınırdaki hayatlara dokunuyoruz | Kapsam Sağlık Kapsam Kapsam Your Smart Assistant
For Ideal Fluid Transfer
Check Out Now Pump-Rx fluid dispensing pump is designed to facilitate single liquid transfer processes of hospital pharmacies and compounding centers with its user-friendly touch-screen interface and advanced pump technology. Pump-Rx Pump-Rx Fluid Dispensing Pump Pump-Rx Fluid Dispensing Pump Pump-Rx Fluid Dispensing Pump Pump-Rx Fluid Dispensing Pump Pump-Rx
Check Out Now Our high quality and wide product range of disposables have been specially prepared with superior features and preferred by users. Kapsam Sarf Malzemeler Kapsam Sarf Malzemeler Kapsam Sarf Malzemeler
Kapsam A New Aspect in
Hazardous Drug Compounding
Check Out Now PharmaScope Onco is an automated IV chemotherapy compounding system that brings you a cost-effective and innovative solution with its smart technology and closed-system disposables. PharmaScope Onco KS-340 PharmaScope PharmaScope Onco PharmaScope PharmaScope Onco PharmaScope Onco KS-340
Kapsam Commitment to
High-Quality Standards
Check Out Now Our facility and products are certified in accordance with ISO 13485:2016, ISO 9001:2015, TSE-HYB and EU MDD 93/42/EEC. Precise controls of our production are meticulously carried out by our highly qualified staff in quality laboratories. Yüksek Kalite Standartları Kapsam
Kapsam Biosafety and LAF
Check Out Now We manufacture universal and custom-designed biosafety cabinets and laminar flow workbenches in compliance with EN 12469 and NSF 49
BioSafety Cabinet BioSafety Cabinet
Kapsam Check Out Now We provide tailor-made and cost-effective cleanroom design, installation and maintenance services in compliance with ISO 14644
and various international standards.
Custom Designed
Cleanroom Solutions
Cleanroom Solutions

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Infusion Solutions


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Ready to Transform Your IV Workflow

All-In-One Production

We offer you a turnkey solution for an ideal IV workflow thanks to our extensive manufacturing capability including modular cleanrooms, BS/LAF cabinets, automated compounding & infusion systems, software solutions, and sterile consumables.

Reduced Cost

With our comprehensive portfolio and smart technology, we enable you to reduce drug, disposable, staff, and investment costs and optimize your ROI period.

Ultimate Safety

We provide the highest level of clinical efficiency, patient and user safety with our proven history on the field and clinically approved products & solutions.

Data Intelligence

We are capable to integrate our systems with HIS/EHR software interfaces and offer you an advanced traceability infrastructure thanks to our dynamic and up-to-date software infrastructure and expert staff.

Advanced Support

No matter in which part of the world you are, we bring you the fastest solution with our dynamic and highly capable team, and we put our service quality and your satisfaction to our top priority.

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From small-sized independent pharmacies to large healthcare facilities, our products and solutions are scalable to fit the exact needs of your IV workflow process.

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